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The Real-Life Diet of John Cena, Who Wants to Be Lifting When He's 80 Years Old

The all-time WWE great and star of HBO's Peacemaker talks getting flexible enough to film with Jackie Chan, the difference between cheat days and just living life, and how he's changed up his workouts as he's gotten older. 

How to Pick the Best Protein Shake 

Stock up—then bulk up—with these ready-to-drink shakes. 

What You Can Learn from History's Greatest Jocks 

A conversation with author Bill Hayes about on the history of exercise, sensible workout advice from Renaissance Italy, and Plato's thoughts on lifting heavy. 

The Real-Life Diet of Davante Adams, Who Slimmed Down Before His Big Breakout 

The superstar Packers receiver talked to GQ about protein powder, fasted cardio, and living on team food. 

The Real-Life Diet of Ndamukong Suh, Who Is Dead Serious About Recovery  

The 315-pound Buccaneers defensive tackle talked to GQ about intermittent fasting, loving kombucha, and working with multiple physical therapists. 

The Real-Life Diet of Jacob Sartorius, Who Has Gotten Deep Into Breathwork 

The TikTok star talked to GQ about quitting coffee, forgetting to eat, and his new documentary with Wim Hof. 

The Real-Life Diet of Derrick Henry, Who Thinks Everyone Deserves a Cheat Day 

The Tennessee Titans running back caught up with GQ about post-game recovery, chocolate milk, and crazy offseason workouts. 

A Huge Number of Americans Are Deficient in Vitamin D. What Does That Mean? 

The nutrient can be hard to come by, especially during the dark winter. 

How Much Caffeine Is Too Much? 

It's the most widely used psychoactive substance in the world—and it's not entirely risk-free. 

4 Habits for a Better Lunchtime Routine 

Please step away from the desk. 

The Best Way to Eat More Whole Grains Is to Make Them Delicious

Chef Joshua McFadden is here to show the way.

How Pro Endurance Athletes Became The Hardest-Working Creators on the Internet

With grueling, inspiring stunts—a solo ride of the Tour de France route, a trail run from Mexico to Canada—endurance athletes are learning how to create real-time entertainment on social media.

A Digital Personal Trainer Could Be Key to Keeping Your Fitness Routine On Track 

A new app, Future, will pair you with a coach for personalized training and accountability. 

How to Make a Better Fitness Resolution Than “Get Abs” 

Focusing on perfection—extreme weight loss? a six pack?—might be stopping you from even starting to do something good for your body.

The Best, Most Dependable Running Shoes 

Whether you're fresh off the couch or gunning for a new PR. 

The Real-Life Diet of Guy Fieri, Who Balances Comfort Food With CrossFit  

“People always think that I must just eat deep-fried pizzas and cheeseburgers.”

What the Hell Is Blood Flow Restriction? (And Can It Get You Bigger Muscles?) 

Pro athletes and bodybuilders are cutting off their blood flow in search of an ever-better pump. 

The Real-Life Diet of Klay Thompson, Who Knows Not to Bring Burgers on His Boat 

The Golden State Warriors sharpshooter talked to GQ about his long road back from injuries, the power of jumping into cold water, and how to eat when you're suddenly not burning calories with basketball. 

The Real-Life Diet of DeVonta Smith, Who Swears by Pregame McDonalds 

The Heisman Trophy winner and Eagles rookie says his lean build has nothing to do with his eating habits. 

The Real-Life Diet of Chef Daniel Humm, Who Took One of the World's Best Restaurants Vegan 

The former pro cyclist talked to GQ about morning celery juice, his (ridiculously fast) personal best marathon, and how to eat lean when you're a chef.

The Ergatta Home Rowing Machine Is $200 Off Right This Second

Hop on the deal now and you'll also snag a free Hypervolt Go and Polar Heart Rate Monitor.

The Real-Life Diet of Rich Roll, Who Went Plant-Based in his 40s and Never Looked Back

The podcaster and ultra-endurance athlete talked to GQ about getting sober, intermittent fasting, and changing his life to get healthy. 

Why You—Yes, You—Should Run a Marathon 

On the sublime pointlessness of putting one foot in front of the other for 26.2 miles. 

The Real-Life Diet of “Bachelor” Matt James, Who Is Running the New York City Marathon This Weekend  

GQ caught up with Matt James about how marathon training compares to Dancing with the Stars—and what he's going to eat to celebrating being finished. 

The Real-Life Diet of Rob Lowe, Who Says Vanity Is Valid Motivation to Get to the Gym 

The veteran actor talked to GQ about sleeping a lot, the importance of avoiding the “junk zone," and the workout advice he got from Chris Pratt. 

Why are Weightlifters Flying to Scotland to Pick Up Rocks?

The 741-pound Dinnie Stones, to be more specific. 

The Real-Life Diet of Zac Brown, Who Goes on Tour With a Full Gym in a Semi Truck  

The country star talked to GQ about the career-sustaining advice he got from Bruce Springsteen, figuring out a way to exercise that doesn't feel like torture, and banning pre-show smoking and drinking for his band.  

The Real-Life Diet of Jimmy Butler, Who Eats Simply and Drinks Wine With Mark Wahlberg

The Miami Heat forward caught up with GQ about avocados, his new coffee venture, and exploring the world through food.